2020 – 2021 Imagine – Monthly Themes

The 2020 – 2021 League year will look different. As we continue to navigate challenges and changes to routines for the foreseeable future we understand that service to our community has never been more important.

We have been given the opportunity to imagine, to innovate, and to create inventive solutions to the difficulties faced by our community; grounded in our mission, driven by our values and enlightened by our vision. Together, we will re-imagine what is possible for the Junior League of Houston.

Each month the League will focus on an aspect of ‘Imagining’ our work.

June 2020 – “Imagine December 2020 – “Imagine Joy”
July 2020 – “Imagine the Impact January 2021 – “Imagine Hope”
August 2020 – “Imagine the Possibility” February 2021 – “Imagine Kindness”
September 2020 – “Imagine Optimism” March 2021 – “Imagine Generosity”
October 2020 – “Imagine Progress” April 2021 – “Imagine Resilience”
November 2020 – “Imagine Gratitude” May 2021 – “Imagine Success