The Junior League of Houston, Inc. recognizes the importance of collaborating with existing and new community partners. The League seeks to facilitate communication among all current agencies supported by League volunteers in order to assist in the collaborative efforts, and concurrently, searches for new and innovative partnership opportunities with other organizations in the greater Houston community.

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Early Matters

The Junior League of Houston is a member of Early Matters, a broad-based coalition of business, civic, education, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations and volunteers, working together to raise awareness about the importance of high quality early education and to make a strong case for increased investment in this critical, high return on investment area. Early Matters envisions a greater Houston region where young children are a part of supportive and nurturing families and are able to participate in high quality early education, knowing that intentional early investments significantly improve kindergarten readiness, third grade reading mastery, high school graduation rates, post high school education/credentialing and workforce readiness. The complete list of members is available at

Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative

The Junior League of Houston, Inc. is a founding partner of the Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative (NLC). NLC was formed in 1999 as a cooperative venture committed to the development of community leadership. NLC offers an annual thought-provoking symposium featuring a nationally recognized speaker in a format designed to stimulate dialogue among local corporate, nonprofit and community leaders.

The Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative is comprised of representatives from the following organizations:
American Leadership Forum
Center for Houston’s Future
Episcopal Health Foundation
Houston Arts Alliance
The Junior League of Houston, Inc.
United Way of Greater Houston

More information about the NLC can be found here

SuperKids Pediatric Mobile Clinic

SuperKidsThe SuperKids Pediatric Mobile Clinic is one of the most well-known Junior League community collaborations. The SuperKids Pediatric Mobile Clinic began in 2000 with a $1 million gift from the Junior League in celebration of the League’s 75th anniversary. It represents a collaborative effort with Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Independent School District, the City of Houston and the Harris Health System. The mobile clinic was created in an effort to address the critical need to improve immunization rates in the city and to find a permanent medical home for the uninsured pediatric and underinsured populations. The Junior League purchased and equipped the SuperKids bus and paid for its operation fully for the first three years. Texas Children’s Hospital now holds title to the SuperKids Pediatric Mobile Clinic and provides medical staffing, while the Junior League is a partner providing volunteers and support.

SuperKidsThe clinic, which is staffed by a pediatrician and nurse practitioner provides immunizations as well as offers well-child checkups, sports physicals, miscellaneous care and referrals for medical and social services. In targeting four designated schools and eight feeder schools, the SuperKids Pediatric Mobile Clinic brings health services to populations of children who have previously not had adequate medical care.

The League celebrated its 90th anniversary with a special gift to the SuperKids Pediatric Mobile Clinic Program. During this time, the League initiated funds to support a certified Community Health Worker to serve as a liaison and cultural mediator for the families served by the SuperKids program. This healthcare professional provide patient education, patient navigation and social support, and assistance in completing applications for health insurance and other available resources.

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