Adelaide Lovett Baker Award Recipients

Given annually to recognize a sustainer member who has continued to serve and make a major broad-based impact on the community through her volunteer or professional work following her active involvement with the League.


Mrs. Virginia Holt McFarland* 2002
Mrs. Sara Houstoun Lindsey* 2003
Mrs. Mary Frances Bowles Couper* 2004
Mrs. Sadie Gwin Allen Blackburn 2005
Mrs. Carolyn Monteith Clarke* 2006
Mrs. Wilhelmia Cullen Robertson Smith* 2007
Mrs. Terese Tarlton Hershey* 2008
Mrs. Emily Attwell Crosswell 2009
Mrs. June Learned Tellepsen* 2010
Mrs. Nancy Stallworth Thomas 2011
Mrs. Cynthia Johnson Adkins 2012
Mrs. Lenox McClendon Reed 2013
Mrs. Jan LaMaster Redford 2014
Mrs. Francita Stuart Ulmer 2015
Mrs. Florence “Flo” Wells McGee 2016
Mrs. June Elizabeth Milton Gray Stobaugh* 2017
Mrs. Susan Lawhon Padon 2018
Mrs. Joanie Amacker Haley 2019
Mrs. Dorothy Mathias Ables 2020
Mrs. Andrea Broussard Davidson 2021
Mrs. Peggy Ratcliffe Roe 2022


* denotes deceased