Member Spotlight

This year, the League will honor members each month with the Member Spotlight Award for going above and beyond in service to our community and organization. This award reflects the fact that the League is made up of incredible women doing incredible things!

August 2023

Ariana Anjier 
Membership Engagement Coordinator 

Joining the Junior League of Houston in 2021 – 2022, Ariana currently serves as the Membership Engagement Coordinator this year. She did an exceptional job planning the June Membership Engagement Event by reaching out to countless venues to ensure the event took place at the perfect location while being affordable to League members. Additionally, Ariana has unique and innovative ideas to engage our members throughout the year. When asked what she loves about her role as Membership Engagement Coordinator, Ariana shared “I love working with the Training and Education team to come up with fun ideas to encourage membership engagement and explore Houston. I also enjoy meeting fellow League members and making new friends.” The Training and Education Committee is thankful to have such a talented and enthusiastic member like Ariana!

Neus Bota
Camp Hope Chair – Allie in Hope

A Junior League of Houston member for six years, Neus currently serves as the Camp Hope Chair – Allies in Hope this year. She went above and beyond in her role as chair when there was an urgent need for volunteers. When asked what she loves about her role, Neus shared “Camp Hope is all about working towards kiddos having the best week of the year! To be able to participate in this experience is magical! Allies in Hope is an awesome organization and I LOVE working with them. After four years, camp was finally back in person this year and it was an amazing week filled with water games, canoeing, a talent show, formal dance, s’mores and much, much more! I would recommend this volunteering experience to everyone.” Thank you Neus for stepping up and for making memories with the campers at Camp Hope!


September 2023

Brianna TenBrink
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Manager


Brianna joined the Junior League of Houston last year in 2022 and has already above and beyond in her League leadership. Brianna is currently serving as this year’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Manager. She recently gave an amazing training to the current provisional members, leaving an impactful memory on their provisional journey. Brianna shared, “I love that my placement as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager – Training centers on ensuring that each member of the League feels seen, valued and heard. I work across two fabulous teams, DEI and Training and Education, to educate and execute learning moments for our membership to strengthen us internally and open our doors to a more diverse applicant pool externally. I love being in the League because I value experiences that allow me to serve my community, challenge myself to grow personally and professionally, as well as the opportunity to connect with like minds who are passionate about making a difference.” Thank you, Brianna, for your leadership and guidance in training our League members.

Brittany Douglas 
Tea Room Support – Server/Cashier


Brittany is a provisional member currently serving in the Tea Room Support role as a Server/Cashier. Brittany maintains a positive attitude, works hard on her shifts and leads by example. On a busy Saturday in the Tea Room, her exceptional service was recognized by a fellow active League member who reached out singing her praises, thinking Brittany had to be an experienced League member, not a provisional who is new to the Tea Room. Brittany’s enthusiasm for the role, knowledge of the placement and skill in completing her duties are what made her stand apart. Brittany shared, “I love all the wonderful women I have met in the League! They are dynamic, kind, fun and lovely. These are women I would more than likely not have had the opportunity to meet, as we work in different industries and live all over Houston! I am so thankful for each of them.” Thank you, Brittany, for being an exemplary provisional volunteer in the Tea Room this year!

Rayna Crier 
Internal Social Media Manager 


Rayna originally joined the Junior League of Montgomery, but she transferred to the Junior League of Houston in 2021. If you follow JLH on social media, you have seen Rayna’s phenomenal work as Internal Social Media Manager. Social media is a fast-moving, ever-changing platform, and the Internal Social Media Manager placement kicks into high gear even before the start of the League year. Rayna has created fun and innovative posts to keep our members informed and excited to attend events. Rayna shared, “I really enjoy the creative freedom of being the Internal Social Media Manager. In my full-time job as a career advisor at Rice University, I spend most of my time having very serious conversations. But in the League, I’m able to tap into my artistic side! The League provides so many opportunities to learn and grow. This is a safe space to explore new skills and make new friends while serving the Houston community. At the end of every League year, I’ve added things to my toolbox that I’m able to use in every other area of my life!” Thank you, Rayna, your dedication and creative ideas are truly appreciated.

October 2023

Naseem Athari
Houston Food Bank Volunteer


Naseem joined the Junior League of Houston in 2020 and her remarkable contributions at the Houston Food Bank have been nothing short of inspiring. Despite the challenges of being pregnant with her first child, Naseem has exhibited boundless energy and commitment. Her tireless efforts in the Food Bank have included the distribution of fresh produce, meat and nonperishable goods, as well as the preparation of nutritious hot meals for children in need. Naseem’s actions reflect the true essence of the Junior League of Houston – women who go above and beyond, regardless of personal circumstances, to make a profound difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Her willingness to give her time, energy and compassion to the Houston Food Bank is a testament to her character and her unwavering commitment to our community. Naseem’s efforts have not only touched the lives of those she has served but have also inspired all of us to strive for excellence in our service to others. Thank you, Naseem, for your commitment to the Junior League of Houston and our community agency, Houston Food Bank.

Laurie Foster
Pen Pals Chair


A Junior League of Houston member for six years, Laurie currently serves as the Pen Pals Chair this year. She has hit the ground running in her role! Laurie sees an area of need and steps up to help in whatever capacity is needed. This is Laurie’s third year serving in the Pen Pals placement and she shared “I love being able to connect with third graders and witness firsthand the relationships and excitement from both parties.” Thank you, Laurie, for your commitment to the Junior League of Houston and our community placement, Pen Pals.

Laura Pio 
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Chair


A Junior League of Houston member for four years, Laura currently serves as The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) Chair this year. Laura’s positivity, proactive nature and professionalism have helped provide amazing experiences for all those involved at MFAH, as well as for the League’s provisional and transfer members attending agency visits. Laura shared, “My placement allows me to tap into my creative side. I love staying and watching the film screenings and helping facilitate an enjoyable time for museum guests. Museums attract such a wide variety of people and I love being in the midst of that.” Thank you, Laura, for your commitment to the Junior League of Houston and our community agency, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Sarah Davidson
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Chair


A Junior League of Houston member for nine years, Sarah currently serves as the Centennial Anniversary Communications Manager this year. She has done a fantastic job in her role this year managing all communications related to the Junior League of Houston’s upcoming Centennial Anniversary. As a communications manager, she writes articles for the League’s external magazine, Houston News. Not only did Sarah complete her assigned article before the deadline, but without much notice, she jumped in and wrote an additional article to help the team. Sarah shared, “Participating in the Centennial Anniversary Committee is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help showcase the League’s many contributions to the Houston community over the last century and to envision our next 100 years of voluntarism. What an honor to contribute to these efforts!” Thank you, Sarah, for your dependability, creativity and ongoing commitment to the Junior League of Houston!

November 2023

Melissa Craig
Centennial Book Committee Member


A Junior League of Houston member for nine years, Melissa currently serves on the Centennial Book Committee this year. She has been a dynamic contributor on this new endeavor for the League – the Junior League of Houston’s Centennial Coffee Table Book. Melissa approaches the project with enthusiasm, dedication and thoughtfulness. She has been anything but shy, as she jumped right in, digging deep into the research and discovery for one the books first chapters. Melissa shared “I love the Centennial Book Committee because it provides an opportunity to showcase the rich history of Junior League of Houston. The women who bolstered support from the community nearly 100 years ago to create the infrastructure of what is today the largest, self-sustaining league in the world.” Her passion for the project and the Junior League of Houston have been shining through as begins to pull together historical documents and information for the publication. The Centennial Book Committee is so thankful to have her as part of the team!