11th Annual Community Collaborations Luncheon a Success

March 2011

Twelve years ago, a community collaborative comprised of different community organizationswas formed. These organizations shared a commitment to improving the lives of children andfamilies in Houston. Barbara Stout of Collaborative for Children first approached the JuniorLeague of Houston with the idea for this collaborative event in 1999. The CommunityCollaborations Council, as it is now called, presents an annual luncheon and forum that inspiresand educates individuals on important facets of family life in the Greater Houston Area. TheJunior League has been a proud and active member of this collaboration since its inception.

The 11th Annual Community Collaborations Luncheon and Forum was held on Thursday, March3, 2011, at 11 a.m. in the Junior League Ballroom. Titled “The Anatomy of Bullying: ExploringCourage, Compassion and Cruelty,” the forum featured Brene Brown, Ph.D., LMSW, whoaddressed bullying and how it affects children. The luncheon also honored Ernest McMillan asthe Everyday Hero Award recipient. Mr. McMillan conceived and implemented the Fifth WardEnrichment Program (FWEP) in June 1984 as a department of the Urban Affairs Corporation.

FWEP has served as an effective support and intervention system for young African-Americanand Hispanic males. The agency showcase held in the Tea Room featured 22 local nonprofit organizations. Representatives were available to answer questions and highlight how their agencies assess needs and provide services to the community.