Q. What is the Junior League of Houston?
A. The Junior League of Houston, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Q. As a women-only organization, aren't you practicing discrimination?
A. The Junior League of Houston is committed to three equally important goals: promoting voluntarism, improving the community, and developing the leadership skills of women. Historically, women did not have the same opportunities as men to learn and exercise leadership within their communities. As opportunities for women have increased, the League believes that the training the Junior League provides for women makes them more qualified to assume leadership positions throughout the city that are equal to those of men. The Junior League's policy ensures that both men and women in every community in which there is a Junior League can be leaders in community improvement. Everyone in a community benefits from the League’s efforts. In addition, the Junior League’s community programs benefit all individuals regardless of age, race, religion, sex or socio-economic status.

Q. How does the Junior League of Houston support and improve the community?
A. This year, the Junior League of Houston will contribute approximately $2 million in volunteer time and direct financial support to the community. Through the League’s Community Program, funding and trained volunteers support 37 community projects which address a variety of needs including: basic needs, abuse of women and children, healthcare, education and cultural enrichment. The League provides additional funding through community assistance grants, as well as emergency and resource contingency grants for basic, critical and emerging needs. The League also facilitates collaboration among groups and organizations to cooperatively address community issues. Moreover League members serve as Outside Board Representatives on more than 25 nonprofit boards and committees throughout the Greater Houston Area. 

Q. How do you determine what agencies/community programs you will support with volunteers?
A. The Junior League of Houston accepts requests for volunteers and funding. Then, the League researches and reviews the requests to determine whether they represent a basic, critical or emerging need and whether the volunteer service requested will meet the needs of League members. If so, requests are presented to and voted on by the League’s Board of Directors and the general membership. Applications for Community Assistance Grants are due by Friday, July 1, 2016. Budget and volunteer requests for existing and potential community projects are due by Monday, August 15, 2016.  Agencies also may request volunteers on an ad-hoc basis through the League’s Done In A Day project.

Q. How does someone become a Junior League of Houston member?
A. The Junior League of Houston has a sponsored admissions policy. A prospective Junior League member must be sponsored for membership by three members, must have a commitment to voluntarism and must be able to demonstrate a history of volunteer service. If you are interested in League membership but do not know any current members, please contact the Admissions Chairman at admissions@jlh.org or 713.871.6666. 

Q. Is the Junior League of Houston diverse?
A. The Junior League of Houston is continually committed to diversifying membership. Membership in the League is open to any woman of any race, creed or national origin, who is committed to voluntarism and can demonstrate that commitment through community service.

Q. What is the Junior League Tea Room? How can I become a Tea Room patron member?
A. A Houston tradition, the Junior League Tea Room supports the League’s mission of promoting voluntarism and developing the potential of women. Junior League members and Tea Room patron members enjoy luncheon service, special events, and use of facilities for private and/or corporate events. Facilities including the Tea Room, three private Garden Rooms, and a well-appointed Ballroom accommodate events of various sizes. Any individual or corporation interested in becoming a Tea Room patron must be sponsored by a League member (one member for individuals and three members for corporations) and pay annual dues (currently $50 for individuals and $150 for corporations). For more information, please contact the Tea Room Patron Member Chairman at patron@jlh.org or 713.871.6664.

Q. I am a Junior League member from another city and visiting Houston. May I patronize the Junior League Tea Room and/or use the League’s facilities?
A. Junior League members from other cities and patron members of Junior League Tea Rooms in other cities may use the facilities of the Tea Room while visiting Houston. League members from other cities requesting the use of Tea Room facilities for a private function, such as a wedding reception, must be sponsored by a Tea Room patron member or a member of The Junior League of Houston. Please contact the Tea Room Office at 713.871.6673 for more information.

Q. I am not a member or patron member of Junior League of Houston. What other opportunities are available to me or my company to support the League?
A. The Junior League of Houston offers a variety of opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to support or partner with the League:
  •  Advertising (Houston News magazine, Charity Ball Program)
  •  Annual Fund
  •  Charity Ball (largest fundraising resource for community outreach efforts)
  •  Community Endowment
  •  Community Partners Program (customized benefits for major donors)
  •  Memorials/Honorarium Gifts
  •  Planned Giving
  •  Publications (four award-winning cookbooks)
  •  Tea Room Pantry
Q. Is there a Junior League in my area?
A. To find out if there is a Junior League in your area, contact:

         The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI)
         90 William Street, Suite 200, New York City, NY 10038-4609
         1.212.951.8300, 1.800.955.3248 (U.S., Canada, and Mexico)

Junior League of Houston members may contact the Houston office to obtain a password for the Members Only section of the AJLI website.

Q. I am a member in good standing of another Junior League. How do I transfer my League membership when I move to Houston?
A. Contact the Corresponding Secretary of the League you are transferring from, and she will initiate and assist you with the transfer process.

Q. I used to be a member of the Junior League of Houston, but resigned in good standing. How do I reinstate my membership?
A. Contact the Corresponding Secretary at corresponding_sec@jlh.org indicating your desire to reinstate your membership in the Junior League of Houston.

Q. I was a provisional member of the Junior League of Houston, but was unable to complete my provisional course within the 14 months required by the League's bylaws and was removed from the membership roster. Can I reinstate my provisional membership in the Junior League of Houston?  
A. No, a provisional member who was removed from the membership roster may not reinstate as a provisional member. However, she may become a prospective member of the Junior League of Houston and be sponsored for membership in the League by going through the admissions process again.