A Raucous French Dance Party Tests the Junior League’s Rules of Decorum

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Back-to-Back Wild Nights of Dress-Up Fun

All the world’s a stage. No really. Just ask Junior League of Houston members, who shed their daytime persona each year to indulge their alter-egos for the annual Charity Ball. Witness the nighttime singers and dancers among the membership who came together on stage this year for “Une Belle Nuit,” a rollicking French-inspired musical and dance presentation.

For two back-to-back nights, the ladies entertained sellout crowds at the Junior League of Houston home on Briar Oaks Lane. “Inspired by the magic of Paris, the glamour of the French Riviera and the beauty of Versailles,” so the publicity noted of the evening that found the merrily-dressed Marie Antoinettes, chevaliers and vicomtes frolicking not only on stage but also through the sea of dinner guests.

The 70th annual charity ball, chaired by Jayne Sheehy Johnston, raised $800,000 for the league’s community programs. Key players in the evening’s success included Julie Danvers, underwriting chair; Stacy Easterly Johnson, auction chair; Mary Lee Hacker, development vice president and Mary Lee Hackedorn Wilkens; and Junior League president Sarah Heck Snyder.

When not dressing up and putting on shows or attending them, the more than 1,400 volunteers, 82 percent of whom work outside of the home, contribute more than 100,000 hours of community service each year.

Source: February 8, 2018, PaperCity Houston, by: Shelby Hodge