SOAR Awards

Soar Awards 2020 – 2021

The Butterfly Effect: “Every single thing you do matters. You have been created as one of a kind. You have been created in order to make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world.”  Andy Andrews

The “Butterfly Effect” is the idea that even the smallest act can have a ripple effect, expanding outwards and resulting in a huge area of impact. Everything you do matters. Everything you do as a volunteer with the Junior League of Houston matters, and all the time and energy you put into this organization and the organizations it serves generates an incalculable, positive impact.

This year the League will award a league member a SOAR Award every month for going above and beyond. League members truly SOAR when they Serve Others Altruistically and Reliably.

July 2020: Sarah Loudermilk

This month’s SOAR Award recipient is Sarah Loudermilk.

Sarah is an active member of the Junior League of Houston and is currently the Children’s Museum of Houston Chairman. Sarah is indeed soaring in her placement this year as she was required to think outside of the box to adapt the way volunteers would serve at the museum due to the impact of COVID-19. Sarah said she “loves a challenge and wanted to make sure we could still support our community in a way that may be different, but rewarding.”